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Rilke Schule Receives German Government Sponsorship April 2007

The Bundesverwaltungsamt / Zentralstelle für Auslandschulen (ZfA) agreed and confirmed to support Rilke Schule with €15,000 ($23,454) annually. Furthermore it agreed to pay for a German teacher who holds the "2. Staatsexamen" from Germany.  The announcement will be made official during the Grand Opening of the school, at the beginning of October and a ceremonial "big check" will handed over to the founders of the school.


Rilke Schule was also placed on the list of German Immersion programs Abroad. Only schools named on this list receive this monetary support from the German Government.


The APC and the staff will discuss and plan carefully what to purchase for the German classes to create a more authentic German language and culture learning environment.


The founders of the school are grateful and honored that the BVA has recognized the enormous efforts and hard work it took to create Rilke Schule and to promote the German language and culture in Alaska. The founders are also thankful for the strong support of Rilke Schule's dedicated principal (Crystal Wrabetz), teachers, and staff, as well as the Rilke Schule Verein; this daunting project could not have been accomplished with out them. Danke!


The APC: Klaus Mayer (Pres.), Antje Carlson, Petra Nickerson, Jo Sanders, Max Gruener, Joe Reid.