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Recommendation for Rilke Schule October 2007

They also met with ASD Superintendent Carol Comeau, World Language Coordinator Janice Gullickson, and Curriculum Director Enid Silverstein. The objective of the visit was to get Rilke Schule support and recognition from the German Government. Here is the exact replication of Mr. Kohlmeier's impression that he summarized in a letter to us. A letter of recommendation was also written and then forwarded to the German Foreign Ministry. 


As the German Government’s Educational Language Consultant on the West Coast, it is one of my missions to help develop and to support German-American immersion schools with challenging curricula.


The German government is especially interested in recognizing and assisting excellent programs so that they become models to foster the important and long standing German-American relations. It is in both state’s interest to educate students with an open mind for tolerance and international multicultural understanding in a bicultural, bilingual environment.


Rilke Schule is tailoring a service to the interested American public, desiring challenging American and German-International diplomas for access to the most distinguished universities world-wide.


The best of American, German and international educational standards sponsor



*Understanding of other cultures and languages

*Global citizens

*Future leaders

*Intellectual and personal development


The unique way to achieve those qualities is


*Acquiring native mastery in German through immersion

*Learning even more languages in a multicultural school setting

*Language proficiency by studying subjects in several languages

*Special support in individual cases The German Language Consultant

*Sponsors the program according to the ongoing development

* Provides consultancy to the school

*Supervises the administration of the German curriculum

*Connects to a world network of similar schools and model schools throughout the US

*Sponsors continuity


The German language consultant will visit the school on a regular basis and provide support for further development. Along with American standards supervised by American authorities there will also be an ongoing rigorous quality assessment by the German language consultant on teaching, curriculum and school atmosphere.


Rilke Schule is supported and run by a very experienced team of teachers and administrators, some of which are legendary for their expertise throughout the US. Furthermore the Anchorage school district recognizes the potential and high quality of Rilke Schule by showing unprecedented support.


All of this and the quality teaching that could be observed guarantee that Rilke Schule will exceed all expectations.


With kind regards

Mit freundlichen Grüßen