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Grill Fest 2007, A Big Hit

Under beautiful sunny skies, Rilke Schule, parents, and friends enjoyed a delightful Grillfest on the backside of the school building. For our 4th Lottery, we wanted to bring the parents and friends together by organizing a fun summertime event.     

Also, we invited a special guest: IDITAROD CHAMPION MARTIN BUSER. The kids buzzed around him, and Martin not only graciously signed photos but also did the lottery drawing. His wife Kathy accompanied him and she shared her experiences as an elementary teacher at Midnight Sun Family Learning Center in Wasilla with APC members and some of our teachers.     

The Rilke Schule APC was totally surprised by the huge turnout of people. We estimate that between 120 and 150 people attended the event. Among them were Hans Schwaiger, President of the German Club in Anchorage, and Susan Forbes, principal of Aquarian Charter School.     

Another highlight was the introduction of our principal, Mrs. Crystal Wrabetz, and some of the teachers: Elisabeth Vischer, Jo Sanders, Una Swain, Tiffany Kelly, Lindsay Forbes, and Michael Helgesen.     

The Grillfest was mainly organized by the parents. Everybody brought something and pitched in with food, tables, plates and "silverware", drinks, etc. A special thank you goes to the Hermann Family who generously provided all the hamburgers and hotdogs, as well as a beautiful sheetcake decorated with our mascot. Craig Moellerstuen set up a German movie (Monster AG) inside for the kids to watch. 


Martin Buser draws the students' names. Kimala Rein takes notes, Antje Carlson and Petra Nickerson (in front of table) observe the drawing.

Martin Buser autographs his Iditarod photos. Kathy (in the background wearing  white blouse), accompanied Martin to the Grillfest. Kathy, we are glad you came!    


Our Grillmeister Greg Gould is dishing it out to the students!