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Kasuun Knight Note from Ms. Wayne 4-15-20

Greetings Kasuun Knight Families,

We’re now in Week 3 of our “Distance Learning” world. We continue to make ourselves available throughout the week to support the students and families. We enjoy seeing students participate in our morning announcements, Zoom office hours, and Live Zoom sessions. If you haven’t had a chance to join us for morning announcements feel free to click on this Zoom Meeting link:

Morning Announcements

Our teachers may have updated their schedules for the week so please check your emails for more details.

Here are additional updates for the week. Please review the information and links below:

Supplemental Learning:

At the elementary level, we continue to provide students with access to supplemental materials. All students officially have access to their student portal that guides them through all of the online learning opportunities. For families that do not have access to electronic devices and communicated this need with the teacher, “Loaner Devices” (e.g. Chromebooks) will be available for pick up at the school on Thursday. Stay tuned for a robocall and an email for more explicit details. If families need information for internet access, please go to the Community Resources page on the ASD website: Community Resources. The need for paper and pencil supplemental materials have also been submitted to ASD. If you are a family that needed technology, you may also receive a paper packet in the mail too. Those packets will be mailed out later in the week.

ASD’s supplemental learning focus is social-emotional learning (SEL) first. We want students and families to feel safe and as stress-free as possible during this time. Additional academic learning will include science and social studies along with the standard reading and math. No student is required to complete or to turn in any assignments and no grades will be given.

Online Learning and Class Interactions (April 13 - 24): PHASE THREE

Kasuun has engaged students and families by having Zoom meeting schedules for each classroom teacher, specialists, and special educators, and perhaps tutors. Families have received information from their child’s teacher providing usernames and passwords, Zoom meeting information, etc. Families can access all supplemental materials at their own convenience. Zoom meetings are optional. No portion of online learning or Zoom access is a requirement at this time.

The Zoom meeting schedule can be found by going to the link: Our Schedule. Zoom meeting office hours are a time for students and families to connect with the teacher. During this time, students (parents too!) can join to ask clarifying questions about an assignment, get help with technology issues, or simply connect and provide an update on how things are going. Some teachers have added additional time for “Live Zoom Sessions”. Please refer to their emails for any changes. Please note that our teachers are not teaching academic lessons at this time, but will continue to provide your child with recommended activities (assignments) to complete for the week. There are a few teachers that require more time to get families accustomed to the new platforms or need additional support to rectify a few technical issues, so please be patient regarding access to those recommended activities (assignments). Some grades may be ahead of the learning curve and moving forward at a faster pace; if this is an area of concern, please be sure to let your child’s teacher know. Here is the link to view the Education Focused Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for more information. For more in-depth technology needs please contact Follow this link to access Clever.

Online Safety:

Parents, please be mindful of the items that are visible to our students while in Zoom meetings. It would be best to set your child up in a “kid-friendly” or “kid-appropriate” space (e.g. dining room, bedroom, etc.). We would like to ensure that other students are not exposed to visuals of drugs, alcohol, profanity, or explicit content that may be in the background. No one is permitted to record or take pictures of Zoom sessions for the confidentiality of all students.

Special Education Services:

Our special education teams continue to work hard to develop the most appropriate learning environment for individual students. We continue to get federal and district guidance that shifts our practices and requires us to reach out to families to make adjustments in service delivery, data collection, and documentation. Please make yourself available to speak with the teachers again to revise the previous plans. We thank you for your support as we navigate this ever-changing process. Special education has provided additional guidance about paper packets that address the student’s IEP goals. Teachers will continue to communicate with families as necessary.

English Language Learners:

Families that require support and access to translation services, should reach out to their child’s classroom teacher. The classroom teacher will provide the information to the administration and you should hear back from us by the next business day.

We remain committed to our Kasuun Knights Family. Please remember that we are all in this together and will support you every step of the way. As mentioned last week, please give grace to each other and our staff as we navigate our new online platforms, teleworking from home while meeting our own families’ needs, and supporting your family from afar. If you have additional questions, please reach out to your teacher or another staff member by email. We have access to our main phone line and messages will be forwarded to the appropriate person.

Lastly, to maintain our school spirit, we will be having daily “Spirit Days”. Please join us and share photos with your teacher or tag us on our Facebook page: Kasuun Elementary Facebook.


Sincerely, Tarlesha Wayne, Principal

Lisa LoSordo-Santo, Assistant Principal