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Kasuun School Start Q & A from July 30

There were many families that attended Kasuun's School Start Q & A Zoom session on July 30.

The following is the list of questions and answers for topics that were brought by the group in attendance. More detailed information is being provided and we will update you as we can. We will be hosting another Kasuun Q & A Zoom session on August 5 at 6:00 p.m.


How long will ASD at School with Online Learning last? Will it be one quarter at a time?

  Online learning will be in effect as needed based on our health risk levels. The time frame will also be determined by those levels.


Will there be dividers at student’s desks?

  Students will be spaced from one another as recommended.


How will social distancing work for lunch?

  Lunch will be eaten in each classroom.


Will there be PE class and recess?

  PE class will be embedded into the daily schedule. Recess will occur in grade levels. Two to three classes will be on the playground at a time in different designated zones. More information will be provided at our Open House on August 19.


If students start school enrolled in one option, can parents switch after classes start?

  The recommendation is to move from your current option to a different option at the end of the quarter.


How many students per class for ASD Virtual?

  Calvert Learning recommends a maximum of 30 students per class.


How will the Cohort grouping work with general education transition for students in SBBS?

  Individual families will be contacted by the school team to discuss their child’s specific needs and a plan for general education transition.


When will the school supply lists be available?

  They will be available on the Kasuun website and Facebook page on Wednesday, August 5.


When will class lists be posted?

  Class lists will operate differently this year. Your child’s assigned teacher will be available through Q ParentConnection by August 14.


How many days a week is Online Learning?

  5 days a week


What is the difference between the risk models?

  Please review the links provided:

  Risk Level Decision Matrix -Information regarding how ASD makes data-based decisions on risk levels.

  Risk Level Response Plan- Information on how the current risk levels will effect learning delivery methods.


Will Ignite services still be provided?

  Yes, they wil be online. Your child’s Ignite teacher, Mr. Weimann, will be in touch with you.


Will teachers be utilizing multiple platform apps like 4th quarter?

  All classes grade K-6 will be using Canvas.


Is there a cut-off date that parents have to decide which program to go with?

  No. Enrollment for ASD in School/Online Learning is open all year long for our neighborhood schools as well as ASD at Home/Virtual and ASD Homeschool.


Will paper packets be provided for ASD in School/Online Learning?

  ASD is working through these details at this time.


What are the social interaction possibilities?

  Each class will be interacting with the members of their own class while we’re innvovled in Online Learning. However, we wil be seeking input from our staff, students and their families on types of activities that we can offer, such as a virtual Run-A-Thon, to maintain our school traditions as well as include new social opportunities in this unchartered territory of distance learning.


Are the teachers in the Virtual Learning option local teachers?

  Yes, they are ASD certificated teachers. For more information, please visit the link: ASD Virtual Learning Information