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Letter From Mrs Zorea

Dear Kincaid Families,

We sure do miss you! School life has not been the same without our main ingredients; our students and staff and fantastic volunteers. Coyotes, we are going through these tough times together and we are here to support each other. Most employees have been working from home to avoid any social contact with one another. We are doing the best we can to listen to our leaders and trust that these decisions will protect those that we love.  The latest news is that schools will be closed through May 1.

Just before spring break I was reminiscing about all the things we wrapped up during February and began to sketch out all the opportunities to come during fourth quarter. What we are experiencing now was unexpected and has impacted all of us. We are human and are sure to have an emotional response to our routines being interrupted. There may be concerns and anxiety about what happens next. We may worry about the potential impact on our vulnerable loved ones. Some of our families are experiencing uncertainty and job insecurity. We are saddened that we cannot be near our friends and loved ones and that our plans have been canceled. All these feelings are to be expected.

Our staff have been working on plans to support our students to the best we can. This week we have been learning new tools that can be used in an online delivery model. It is unusual for us to think of teaching without our students right in front of us. We are learning how to video conference with large groups and how to interact with one another in that type of setting. We are also learning how to use google classroom and other tools that are online to support our students.   

You can expect to be hearing from your child's teacher this coming week.  Teachers have been asked to provide resources this week.   The resources they are sending your way will be familiar to your child.  At this time, all the activities that your teachers send to you are meant to be supplemental, to support you at home, and will not be meant for a grade.   We will be working on a schedule this coming week so that possible online meetings can take place between students and staff, without overlapping with other grade levels.  More information on that will be coming. 

Take care of each other.  Know that we cannot wait for this to pass to see you once again.  Be patient with us as we learn new methods for instruction. 


Wendy Zorea
Kincaid Elementary School