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School Board Vacancy Update

The submission period for applications to fill Anchorage School Board Seat A is now over. Below is a list of candidates who filed to be considered for the seat:

  1. Daniel Alfalla
  2. Stephen Augustin
  3. Gloria Bamberg-Merritt
  4. Johnico Bashford-Blumer
  5. Margo Bellamy
  6. Alan Brightman
  7. Rovennia Bullock
  8. Dawn Bundick
  9. Archibald Campbell
  10. Jean Carey
  11. Joey Caterinichio
  12. Mark Foster
  13. Sharon Gibbons
  14. Limalau Kaneyo Hirata
  15. Selena Hopkins-Kendall
  16. Tasha Hotch
  17. Lisa Huffman
  18. Phil Isley
  19. Kelly Lessens
  20. Minoo Minaei
  21. David Nashlund
  22. David Nees
  23. Judy Norton-Eledge
  24. Kameron Perez-Verdia
  25. Robin Phillips
  26. Wayne Ronsman
  27. Nikki Rose
  28. Kay Schuster
  29. James Smallwood
  30. Jeremiah Snyder
  31. Henry Tashjian
  32. Jessica Tonseth
  33. David Wight 

Applicants will be certified by the Municipal Clerk. Questions that have been listed on the ASD website will be sent to applicants at the close of the application period and must be returned by 5:00 p.m. on October 16. A special meeting will be held at the ASD Education Center (5530 Northern Lights Blvd.) on October 20 beginning at 10:00 a.m. for interviews and the selection process. The new School Board member will be sworn in on 10/22.