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12 ASD Teachers Run the Alaska Relay

The Alaska Relay - ASD Educators Go the Distance

The Still Waters team of educators at the finish line of the Alaska Relay The Still Waters team of educators smile at the finish line of the Alaska Relay.


Piper Jones P.E. teacher at Wendler Middle School and 11 other ASD teachers ran the Alaska Relay this past weekend. The Alaska Relay requires a 12 team member effort and is an approximate 200 mile run from Mirror Lake to Seward.

To empower her goal of a healthy work community, Piper convinced 11 other teachers to join her in training and performing for the Alaska Relay.

The team of 12 runs continuously for 30 some hours with two vehicles following each runner—one vehicle is for the six team members who are about to run and the other is an RV for the six that are resting and preparing to run in a few hours. The actual amount that each team member runs is determined by the “legs” of the race that are regulated by race officials based on the distance and the course that has been mapped out. Each individual runner typically runs between 15-18 miles.

A Still Waters team member checks off her portion of the run A Still Waters team member checks off her portion of the run.


This race doesn't stop for hot sun, rain, wind, or sleep. Each runner battles the weather and finds their inner strength to keep going on little sleep. This relay is about completion and competing against yourself.  

Piper is incredibly proud of the women who ran with her for this fun event, “It is a great team building activity that pushes each person differently.”

Piper and her team—Still Waters—represented the education profession by encouraging each other and other teams along the way. During the fun event, they made new running partners and friends from around the state and country who all participate to motivate themselves, teammates, and others to remain healthy and active.  

As a group, Piper says they feel stronger physically and mentally and are excited to begin training for next year’s relay. 

Morgan DuClos