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District Answers Call for Medical Supplies

AFD loads donated masks. Members of the Anchorage Fire Department load N95 face masks that were donated by The Anchorage School District. (Robert DeBerry/ASD)

The Anchorage School District is answering the call for medical supplies amid the Covid-19 outbreak. Supplies that are in high demand like masks, gloves, sanitizer, face shields and goggles.

A lot of the supplies available to the District are items that are used throughout the year. Items such as respirators used by the painting crew and gloves that are used for art classes and school nurses.

“Most of the rubber gloves we have are from our programs,” said Steve Brown, Coordinator, ASD Security and Emergency Preparedness.  “West High School has a pre-nurse program and a lot of our health services locations had well stocked cabinets because we tend to have pretty healthy kids. Because of that we were able to utilize those supplies for the community.”

Brown said because ASD students are not in school the District made the decision to get the necessary supplies to those that really need them.

He said that in working with the Emergency Operations Center different departments within the municipality and the hospitals can put in a request to ASD for supplies, and if ASD has them “we'll keep trying to give them out.”

“Currently the Anchorage Police Department has a large need for hand sanitizer and masks. The Anchorage Fire Department, especially their EMT personnel,  had a large need for masks,” said Brown.

Brown said that so far, the District has donated 21,128 N95 masks, 1,584 hand sanitizer bottles, 7,200 pairs of gloves, 1,300 surgical masks, 46 cases of disinfectant wipes, 50 face shields, 32 goggles and 10 gowns.

“Anybody that expressed a need to the Municipality, if we could fulfill it, we've tried to do that,” said Brown.

Brown is quick to point out that ASD supplies are limited to what we have on hand, and if other organizations or people in the community have needed supplies such as surgical masks please reach out to the municipality and hospitals.

“If our students were in school, we may have had to do some of this a little different because these supplies are meant for our students and District employees,” said Brown. “But while our students aren't in the schools, it's better to help the community.”






Robert DeBerry