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ASD Recognizes Most Outstanding Fine Arts Senior and Exemplary Artist for 2020

student art winnners
Exemplary Artist Adrienne Godet (left) unveils a portrait of ASD's Most Outstanding Fine Arts Senior Amiee Chico. The portrait, created by Godet, was unveiled at a small ceremony honoring both artists at the Education Center Monday, Sept. 21, 2020. (Robert Deberry/ASD)
It is with great pride that we announce our annual awards for ASD's Most Outstanding Fine Arts Senior (MOFAS) and our ASD Exemplary Artist. These two students represent the best in performance and creativity in our schools, and we are excited to share what our students have accomplished.
This year, these awards combine the talents of hip-hop dancer Amiee Chico and oil-painter Adrienne Godet. A portrait of the MOFAS created by our exemplary artist was unveiled during a small ceremony to maintain social distancing in the Education Center honoring both students on Monday, Sept. 21.
Our Most Outstanding Fine Arts Senior Amiee Chico graduated from Dimond High School in 2020 and is currently attending the University of Alaska, Anchorage. Amiee is a multifaceted artist and has lived a life exposed to the arts. Along with her passion for dancing, she also shares a love of music – playing the trumpet, French horn, and guitar. While dancing and music served as outlets for her creative expression, it wasn't until high school that creating images using conté crayons and paint became a passion. "I especially love capturing images of friends and family, as they have impacted my life greatly."
Our Exemplary Artist Adrienne Godet graduated from West High School Class of 2020. Art has been a part of Adrienne’s upbringing and incorporated throughout her schooling. While her love of drawing started early, it wasn’t until her first oil panting class in sixth-grade that her passion for painting became her focus. Art has taught her how to convey feelings and teach others how to express themselves. Although busy attending art camps and downtown Anchorage studios during her previous summers, Adrienne plans on attending art school after taking a gap-year.