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School Update

Dear Eagle River Families,


I trust you have been receiving my messages through the teachers about our school and what is happening.  Tonight I have been cleared to send a School Messenger so I want to check in globally.


Here are the latest updates:


We are going to three separate schools starting on the morning of December 10.  Here is a breakdown of where our children will be going:

Preschool Students will attend Ravenwood Elementary

Kindergarten, 1st, 2nd, 2/3 Combo with Mrs. Summers, and 3rd Graders will attend Homestead Elementary.  

4th, 5th, and 6th Grade Students, along with Open Optional Classrooms will attend Birchwood ABC School.  


I am also disappointed that we will not get to stay together and that families could be split between schools.  Your teachers are sad as well - we are currently just trying to relocate classrooms so that when kids start on Mondays their supplies and desks are in the new location ready for them.


I will have a transportation schedule out by tomorrow.  The walkers of our school will be able to continue to walk and take a bus to the new schools.  For students who already take a bus, we are still working out the details of what this will look like.  Our former librarian, Mrs. Daw, has been enlisting volunteers to be at the school next week to help students before and after school get on the correct bus.  We are looking at the ability to provide transportation for our Optional Program Families as well.  More details will be provided tomorrow.


We are looking at having an Open House soon at the new schools and will inform you when we get to that point.  Right now our priorities are to help the teacher set up new classrooms.  We have had volunteers from multiple schools assisting us in the move.  I know many of you want to assist your teachers.  If you are interested in this, please contact your individual teachers for direction if there is something that they could use help with.


Thank you for your understanding during this transition period and I will continue to send out daily updates to all of you.  We miss your little ones very much and cannot wait to see everyone again!




Lisa Prince, Your Principal