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2019-20 Lottery and Zone Exemption Update

Dear Office Ladies and Teachers,

Please send this information out to families in any way you are able so we can get this information out in multiple ways.  Thanks! Lisa :-) 


Dear Eagle River Elementary Parents,


As you already know, the Boundary Lines have been changed for the 19-20 School Year and our kids will be split between Homestead and Birchwood unless they are in the Optional Program (Fire Lake) or Preschool (Ravenwood.)  If you would prefer for your child to have another option in education, and you are able to provide the transportation, you may fill out a Zone Exemption Form through the Lottery Process (

If you would like for your child to be in the Optional Program that will be at Fire Lake next year, you may use the same format if you are able to provide transportation.  These applications need to be done ASAP as the deadline for submitting this is Thursday at 5:00 pm to keep all of your options open.  The Lottery and Zone Exemptions will then be "run" in the computer and families will get notification calls next week to choose their schools.  If you are happy with the new school your child will be attending, you do not need to do anything.


The School Board voted on Monday night to repair both Gruening Middle School and Eagle River Elementary.  The next step is to get the public to vote on the bonds which will provide the money for this undertaking.  There is an anticipated repair timeline of 24 months but this could change depending upon a variety of factors including the potential involvement of FEMA.  Ballots were mailed out to community members already to provide stakeholders an opportunity to give feedback; please read the ballot carefully to understand the language on how repairs could be funded if this is approved.


In other news, the Eagle River Presbyterian Church will have their annual auction on April 6, 2019, at 6:00 pm and the proceeds from this auction will go to schools in our area affected by the earthquake - so our school will benefit from this event.   Their congregation has warmly welcomed our community to join them.  They have hired a new female auctioneer and are excited to work with her this year.  Proceeds from this event will go towards the activities we are planning for our whole-school Field Day on May 17.


The Colt Round-Up for future Gruening Middle School Students will be on 4/9/19 from 6:30-8 at Chugiak High School.  Representatives from the school will be coming to meet with our 6th Graders on the 8th of April to say hello and answer questions as well.  When I have information on Mirror Lake Middle School, I will send it.  


Thank you for supporting our students.  We look forward to finishing strong in our last quarter; be aware that grades are being sent out tomorrow and as always, thank you for sending your children to our school!  



Lisa Prince, Your Principal