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Sharing the Load: Families find creative solutions to support remote learning

Girl on Computer During the pandemic, families are looking to each other to find solutions and support for their children. With the challenges of childcare and the time it takes to support students through remote learning, families are getting creative.  

Many families are forming groups with friends and neighbors to share the duties of childcare and learning needs for students. Whether they are alternating days, homes or both, families are finding innovative ways to share the load.

ASD has a solution - ASD Virtual

The ASD Virtual program is a new, fully-online homeschool choice for students and families. The new virtual program maintains a connection to neighborhood or choice schools while learning from home. ASD Virtual engages students with an interactive approach to learning. This program will provide a consistent and reliable plan for students and families.  

Students enrolled in the program will also receive school communications and have opportunities to participate in activities, clubs, and athletics. Families will have access to collaborative support between the virtual teacher and school staff, and they will have access to academic planning and graduation support.

How is ASD Virtual helping families who are grouping?

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ASD Virtual program teachers are highly qualified, Alaska Certificated, and will teach in the subject and grade level most compatible with their experience. Virtual teachers will be assigned to facilitate student learning throughout the District, so students may not have a virtual teacher from their neighborhood or choice school. 

However, ASD Virtual will support family groups by ensuring students within the same grade level are assigned to the same virtual teacher. ASD Virtual will also support these self-selected groups by providing mini-lessons or tutoring for group and individual needs. 

If you are a participant in a family group and would like to coordinate student grade-level groups with the same virtual teacher, notify the principal of your neighborhood or choice school.  

Have a look at ASD Virtual!