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September 17, 2018

Weekly Update: September 17, 2018

King Tech Full Time Students and Parents:

After School Open Lab; Open House Recap; Mentor Meetings; More!


1. Beginning today, we will staff an open lab until 3:30 for students to catch up, get ahead, seek some help, or otherwise simply continue on their core studies. Math teacher Ashley Bukowski will host in her classroom, 223.

2. Our re-dedication ceremony and Open House was a great success. Thank you to all who attended, heard from our teachers, and gave us feedback. What’s clear so far is that students are happy and engaged in their coursework, and they are receiving expert instruction every day.

3. Mentors have made a commitment to touch base with all of their mentees at least once every two weeks. They will be posting lunchtime office hours in addition to their before and after school non-instructional time. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to your child’s mentor, and of course, to their teachers.

4. Professional Dress Days, formerly known as Wednesdays, have been impressive indeed. Come in sometime and take a look at the best dressed group of young people in Anchorage. They shine!

5. Our Student Government class is busy planning several events for King Tech High School. The first will be officer elections this Friday. Stay tuned as we announce the first executive board at KTHS next Monday.

6. Other Power Hour classes are also off to a roaring start. Robotics, Yearbook, Leadership and PE are all going strong.


That’s all for now. Don’t hesitate to contact any of us with questions, 742-8900.

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Lou Pondolfino, Principal