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Post-earthquake news

Hello all King Tech Families,


The latest news is that although most schools will open on Monday, KTHS will not resume face to face classes until Wednesday. However, all full-time students who are taking online classes should resume their coursework no later than Monday. For part-time KTHS students, your home schools will be open for classes on Monday.


Students who need to retrieve their computers or other personal items may do so on Saturday or Sunday from 10am until noon. We will have staff present to escort students and ask that all sign in and list the items that they retrieve.


KTHS teachers and staff will be reporting on Sunday to begin cleaning and preparing our building for students. Prior to that, the most essential repairs will have been completed and air quality and other tests will have taken place to ensure our building is safe. These inspections are currently underway but take time. The extent of damage at King Tech and the nature of our facility require a little more time than most schools.


We have areas of the building that may remain taped off when we reopen, but they will not reopen without the gold seal of safety for all of us who inhabit the building every day.


We are looking forward to resuming school and normal routines, however we realize that a good deal of debriefing and processing of the earthquake will need to happen. Our entire staff, from our trained counselors to our expert faculty to our talented support staff will ensure that your children get the support they need.


Please don’t hesitate to contact me or assistant principal, Kern McGinley with any questions or concerns. Email will be the most efficient method of contacting us right now. Our addresses below.