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Watch the Webinar: CCL Launch

We have exciting news to share!

You may have heard the buzz this year about various team members traveling all over the country learning about Ford NGL, Akron, Nashville, Chicago, and more as it relates to our CCL work. Well, we are ready to download it all and introduce you to CCL: Next Generation. 

Our CCL team hosted an event for you to learn and understand everything about CCL: Next Generation….including the why and how. The event included a panel discussion with the team, other ASD teams, and community partners who have been working closely on this project.


CCL: Next Generation is about reimagining, innovating, and transforming what we do now so we can better connect the opportunities in our community to the talents and strengths of our students. To learn more and help you prepare for next week, click here.

This event was intended for ASD employees. Not the public. We want you to understand first what we’ve been doing, why, and where we are headed before we move forward. It’s important. You are important. Study up and bring your questions!