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Use Your School Library Card at the Public Library

Hi! It's your friendly neighborhood librarian!
Your child's school library card will also act as a public library card if you registered your student online at the beginning of the year and selected this option.
If you don't remember your card number or have trouble accessing any library resources please email me at and I will email back. If you leave your phone number I will walk you through the access process over the phone. I will also be creating online tutorials, but that might take a bit.
The best place to access free learning resources is through the public library's curated page. 
Resource options pretty much come in three categories
  • Resources that are free to Alaskans because the state has paid for subscriptions: These do not require a library card. Just access the resource with a device using an Alaskan IP address (which almost everyone already has). 
    • These include Tumblebooks, Tumblemath, and many others.
  • Resources requiring a library card
    • These include SLED database, Overdrive (including Sora and Libby), Hoopla, and Recorded Books Digital.
  • Free resources everyone can access.
    • These include Scholastic's online material, Kahn academy, the Big History Project (so cool!) and more.
I miss you all and can't wait to see you again,
Anya Kean

Rabbit Creek Elementary School