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ASD Covid-19 Testing Options

ASD Covid 19-Testing Options Brochure

ASD Covid 19-Testing Options

The testing is through a partnership with ASD and Beacon Testing. Also, your student will be thrilled to know that a saliva test is available or nasal swab upon request. Your student’s PCR test result will be emailed to you early the following morning. Hopefully, this will minimize the time spent out of school awaiting test results. 

Below is pre-registration link you can use to speed up the testing process.  If your student is in school and being tested here at Rabbit Creek, the choose the Teasting by an ASD School Nurse option.  If your student is already at home, then your would choose the Beacon Testing Trailer option.

This process does take about 15-20 minutes (yes, can be proactive and register today, tomorrow or anytime:) You only need to register once per student. Once registered, you will receive a QR code that is specific to each student(s) and can be used for any future testing. 


In accordance with ASD is symptom -free policy we request that all symptomatic students stay home until their symptoms have improved and they have obtained a negative Covid test from their primary care provider, one of the muni sites or take advantage of our ASD Beacon testing sites. The closest testing site to Rabbit Creek is Abbott Loop Elementary. The Abbott Loop Beacon site also use the Beechtree lab and results will be emailed to you the following day.

Helpful hint: Save your registration QR Codes. You may use the same QR whether you register at a Beacon testing site or at Rabbit Creek Elementary testing site however, our systems do not talk to each other. You will need to show your QR code when going to an alternative testing site for the first time. After your student has been established at either testing site, you are golden and will not need to re-register for the same student.

We look forward towards your student returning to school once they have experienced an improvement of symptoms and the negative Covid test results has been emailed to Nurse Debbie @

Other options to return to school following an illness are to stay home for 5 days from the onset of symptoms or a note from your child’s health care providers stating the symptoms they are experiencing are based on something other than Covid.

As always please feel free to call or email me if you have any questions.


Debbie Hinsberg RN, NCSN