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Pick Up/Drop Off Procedures

Pick up and Drop off at Rabbit Creek




Drop off 8:40am (9:40 am PLC Mondays)- Please make sure your child is ready to exit the passenger side of the vehicle, this helps the line move quickly. If you need to park, you must park in a parking spot, and walk your child across the crosswalk.  Drop off should be no earlier than 8:40 (9:40 PLC Mondays).


Pick up 3:30pm- Your child must enter the vehicle on the passenger side, this helps move the line quicker. If you need to walk to get your child from the pick-up line, you must park (in a parking spot) and walk across the crosswalk to pick up your child. They may not walk across the parking lot by themselves.


DO NOT exit your vehicle in the pickup line.  Kids must unload/load from the passenger side of the vehicle as there are cars on the driver side that have already picked/dropped students off.  If your child needs assistance loading/unloading please park your vehicle and walk your child to the crosswalk. DO NOT send kiddos solo into the parking lot, you must walk them up to crosswalk.


Please do not get into the left lane to pull into the parking lot, until after you pass the crosswalk.


Do not pull into the parking lot without parking to just drop off students at the curb, and then drive off.


Kids must use the front crosswalk by the main entrance where a crossing guard is present.  This is due to the amount of snow at the end of the lot. As the snow melts and it is deemed safe, we will reopen the crosswalk near the relocatables. Until it is safe please use the front crosswalk for the safety of all children.


In both the north and south parking lots, please do not park alongside the snow piles or park behind other cars to let kids out. You must pick up your student in the pick up lane. Blocking parked cars is a big safety concern, especially if we need emergency services to get into the parking lot.


Unless you have a handicap placard or license plate, these spots are NOT for you. This includes the spaces next to these spots that say NO PARKING, that space is for wheelchair and mobility users. Parking in these spaces can result in a $150 fine.


Lastly, please be respectful and courteous of others. We all have places to go and things to do.



  • Adrianne Grenier

Acting Principal Rabbit Creek