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American Ninja Warrior Nick Hanson Joins Muldoon Elementary School Students for Virtual Assembly

Nick Hanson Zoom Assembly
American Ninja Warrior Nick Hanson joins Muldoon Elementary Students during a virtual assembly that touched on working hard, values, and motivation.

Some very lucky students at Muldoon Elementary had fun with American Ninja Warrior Nick Hanson, the Eskimo Ninja, during a virtual assembly on Wednesday, Jan. 27. 

From his home in Unalakleet, Hanson (who is Inuqiaq), began the call by honoring and recognizing the Denaʼina land Muldoon Elementary is built on.
After some warm-up stretches and playing a game with the students, Hanson explained that he wasn't always an athlete, and that hard work both in and out of school got him to where he is now.

"I didn't grow up an athlete. I had to try to figure life out first. I was bullied as a kid, so I decided to try sports out and see if I could discover things about myself."
A multi-sport competitor, Hanson shared that his passions were beyond athletics, and that he is a self-described nerd. "I was a big time nerd in school for sure! I was involved in student government, I was a teachers assistant. I even painted murals for the school. I had all these things I was apart of. I had to figure out what I was passionate about."

Hanson went to explain that all of these extra-curriculars were merely apart of his desire to be creative and take advantage of every opportunity he had.
Stressing the importance of homework and school, Hanson conducted a straw-poll on how the Muldoon students enjoyed their homework, on a scale of one to five. "Obviously if you're a teacher, you're loving homework to death! When I was your age, I'll be honest, homework was a "one" for me. I didn't realize how important it was until I went to college."

Hanson emphasized that being a good student means embracing homework, and that helped him become an American Ninja Warrior. "I had to write an autobiography to get in – answering really personal questions about myself, but it was homework, you know? I had to think "why am I good enough?" My teachers and coaches really helped me with that."

Muldoon was one of several visits Hanson made for virtual assemblies, speaking to students at Willow Crest Elementary and high schoolers interested in the Native Youth Olympics from West, Bartlett, South, East, and others. This was made possible in partnership with Title VI Indian Education.

At the end of the Q&A, Hanson shared with students and staff that he was recently asked to return for season 13 of American Ninja Warrior, Hanson's seventh.