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New Principal Survey

Survey Link:  Scenic Park New Principal Survey

Dear Member of the Scenic Park ElementaryCommunity,

Thank you in advance for your participation in your school’s principal advisory process.  I am writing this letter to help you understand how this process will work.

During the principal selection process, a few events will occur that involve school community members. The first is an opportunity to provide feedback via a characteristics identification survey. The second event will be an opportunity for three Scenic Park community members (two staff members, and one of the PTA), to be participants on the screening committee. Finally, the entire community will be invited to an Open House to meet the new principal of your school.

The characteristics survey has been provided to you through email. You may submit either a paper version or online version. This survey will provide important guidance and information to the division of Elementary Education, and ultimately to Superintendent Bishop, about the characteristics your school community values in a principal. If you choose a paper survey we ask that you return your completed survey to the Scenic Park office, or to the office of Elementary Education no later than Monday, April 22. An envelope will be available for surveys dropped off in the Scenic Park office. Otherwise, please mail, or hand-deliver your survey to Elementary Education at 5530 E. Northern Lights, Anchorage, AK 99504.

Thank you again for your willingness to participate in this process. This survey is an important part of the selection process as we strive to make the best match of principal to school community. It is important for school communities to recognize that this provides input into the process. Superintendent Bishop makes the final decisions about principal placement based on all sources of information. Once Superintendent Bishop has made her decision, all members of your school community will be invited to an Open House at Scenic Park Elementary. This will occur on a date to be determined. At this Open House your new principal will be available to meet, and talk with you.


Glen R. Nielsen, Senior Director, Elementary Education