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ASD Removal of Book from Circulation

Nov. 15, 2021

A message from the ASD Superintendent:

I would like to make you aware of a decision that I made last week to remove the book Gender Queer from circulation in our District.

A community member raised awareness of the book to the School Board on Friday, Oct. 29. After I was made aware, I requested our team to start the research and review process, which took place Nov. 1 through 10. This included gathering the necessary information, reading the book, and completing a review of the book. The review process determined the book contained adult material, is not appropriate for our school libraries, and will not be in circulation at ASD. Through the review, it was determined only one copy of the book was in our district. On Thursday, Nov. 11, I made the decision to take the book out of circulation.

The ASD Teaching and Learning Department is convening a controversial concerns committee to review Administrative Regulations (AR) related to controversial issues and materials. ARs are meant to be fluid and should be adapted as needed to support Board Policies.

If your family has a concern about materials made available through school libraries, please connect with your principal or school site librarian. You will be directed to the Request for Re-Evaluation of Instructional Material form to initiate a review. If the site-level procedure does not resolve the objection within 10 school days of the filing of the original written objections, the matter shall be submitted to the Senior Director of Teaching and Learning who will form a committee to review the concern.

For more information, I encourage you to review AR 6163.1(a) Libraries/Media Centers and AR 6144 (a) Controversial Issues which will be reviewed and possibly adapted to better support, BP 6163.1 LIBRARIES/MEDIA CENTERS and BP 6144 CONTROVERSIAL ISSUES.

I want to thank our community for your active role in our students’ education, as this informs our discussions and formal amendments. I have always shared, when we know better, we do better!

Have a wonderful evening.


Deena Bishop, Ed.D.