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Susitna News

Fruits and Vegetables

Susitna also is part of the fruits and vegetables program. These healthy snacks are offered to students two to three times a week. We are very fortunate to have this great program at our school.


Recess Clothing

Please make sure your students dress for the weather. Rain and snow will be right around the corner. If it is a rain day, please send your child in with rain gear. On snow and cold days the big 5 that are required are: hat, gloves, boots, snow pants, and jacket.

Parent Connect

Login as a parent/guardian

Tap the “Student Info” icon to login as a parent or guardian of an ASD student. Your login ID is the email address associated with your Q ParentConnection account. A randomly generated app password was sent to that email address previously. If you cannot find this email, click “Forgot Password” in the app and a new password will be emailed to you. This will be different from the password that you use for Q ParentConnection.