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It’s flu season again. Please take note of the dates that Alaska Regional Hospital is offering their drive by flu clinic. Susitna may have a flu clinic this year with the aid of the municipality, however, it is likely to be much later in the year, if it happens at all. Flu season usually comes full force in October and last until February or later. It takes two week so for the vaccine to be effective. So, please do not delay. I have already sent several students home with a moderately high fevers and congestion. This is a quick and easy way to receive the vaccination for you and your family without having to take time off work or waiting until later in the year. Make a point to take advantage of this opportunity. The first drive by is Tuesday, September 17th and the clinics run until October 9th.

 I would be beneficial to have every child in the school keep an extra change of clothes at school. Younger children are prone to bathroom accidents. Having a change is helpful at those times. Older students often spill milk or fall in puddles of water or their clothes get ripped. I am very low on clothes for older children. If your children do not want to being the clothes back and forth every day, I am sure their teacher can find a place in the classroom to keep them or I can keep their extra clothes in my office. If I am unable to find anything for your child to wear, I will have to ask you to come to school with a change. Some parents do not like their children wearing other children’s clothes anyway. If this is the case with you, please provide a spare change of clothes for your child.

 If your child needs an inhaler or epi pen at school this year, please make certain I have one on hand. Of course, I need a health care provider’s authorizations (a physician, PA, or NP) via the Allergy/Anaphylaxis care plan or the Asthma Care Plan to administered the medication when necessary. These forms can be faxed to me at the fax number below. Pease keep me updated on all health concerns, especially allergies. Thank you for helping me and the rest of the staff at Susitna keep your child/children safe.

 Anne McCarron

Susitna Elementary School Nurse

907 742-1401

 Fax 907-742-1418