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Online Registration for 2020 important information

Hello Susitna Families!
I know that the decisions you are having to make right now are not easy. I would like to take this time to try and explain the options available to your family in ASD and how to stay connected to Susitna Elementary:
Enroll in: Traditional school
Registering your child to return to, or start, school at Susitna Elementary will look like:
Students will attend Susitna Elementary School on site. This option may require a blended combination of face-to-face and online learning as safety conditions require.
Teachers will be teaching NEW content (this is VERY VERY different from spring 4th quarter when we first began our COVID-19 lockdown) and have lessons that will be taught online and in-person, depending on our risk level.
We will be assessing students to determine where students are at and plan for where we need to be.
Teachers have been working through the summer to create lessons Materials/resources for learning will be supplied by ASD when available.
School Start Guidelines
Medium-level Risk
Enroll in: Virtual Program
The new, full-time, virtual program will allow families the choice of homeschooling while maintaining a connection to Susitna Elementary School. The ASD Virtual Program will:
-Engage students with an interactive approach to learning
-Provide a consistent and reliable plan for students and families
-Offer content aligned to learning standards
-Provide resources to support parents as learning coaches for their students
-Ensure virtual teachers have been trained to engage students and support online learners
-The virtual program is still connected to Susitna Elementary. Parents and students will continue to:
-Receive school communications.
-Have opportunities to participate in activities, clubs, and athletics.
-Access academic and assessment information.
Maintain your placement in our school (neighborhood or Open Optional).
You can come back to Susitna for in-person learning, though it is suggested to transfer from Virtual to traditional at normal breaks such as quarter or semester.
Enroll in: Home School Options
These programs are ASD programs, but outside of Susitna. Your child would not be enrolled at Susitna and program placements will be lost.
-Family Partnership Charter School
-Frontier Charter School
I hope this helps to explain the choices that are before you at this time. If you need more information, please check the ASD website at If you would like us to help walk you through some of this information, please call 742-1400. We would love to assist you any way that we can.
Jessie Nesset
Susitna Elementary School