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How to use Calvert

How does my student access Calvert Learning?

  • Log into Clever - - with your ASD username and password. 
  • Instructions How to Log into Clever
  • Click the Calvert Icon, this will open and display the learning platform dashboard.


What can I do from my student's Dashboard?

From your login dashboard you can (partial list):

  • Access your courses and view progress information
  • Send/receive messages with your teacher
  • See important announcements posted by your teachers
  • View your daily schedule


How does my student get started? 

Getting Started as a Calvert Student 

  • Review the Calvert getting started website for learning resources & tutorials.  
  • Practice navigating the login and Calvert interfaces.
  • Complete the Welcome to Calvert Lesson.
    • Select one of the lessons you are enrolled in.
      This will take you to Calvert.
    • Under Day 1, you will see the “Welcome to Calvert” lesson. Select  “Welcome to Calvert” to start the lesson.

Video Instructions

Video guide for how get started in Calvert


How can I help my student be successful in Calvert?

  • Review the following video: Setting Your Student Up for Success  
  • Plan to spend an average of 4-6 hours a day in online instruction time.
  • Read posted announcements and welcome letters from your teacher. Check for messages/announcements every time you log in.
  • All assignments must be submitted via Calvert.
  • Monitor your progress daily using the Progress Tap in your Calvert Dashboard.

Learning Guide video instructions

Video guide for how to support your student as a learning guide.


What do I do if I need help?

  • The best way to reach your teacher is via their ASD email. You should contact your teacher if:
    • You have questions on courses or assignments
    • You're experiencing a hardship
    • The course content is difficult to understand
    • You need additional support
  • For help on course content, your grade, or to request tutoring, contact your teacher.
  • For scheduling issues, contact your neighborhood school front office. 
  • For help with Calvert:
  • For technical issues or general questions:


How do courses/grading work?

  • Final grades in Q will be scored based on the number of days completed in the schedule and the percentage of overall graded assignments completed.
  • Contact your Virtual teacher if you have any questions.


Where can I find additional info?