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How to Use Suite 360

Why focus on social and emotional learning (SEL)?

ASD knows that there is more to succeeding in school and life than academics. Just as important, is a student’s ability to understand themselves and others and make responsible choices. Studies show 1 in 6 children suffer from mental health issues. Social and emotional learning can help students identify feelings and how to process them. Social and emotional learning can help students identify the difference between sadness, stress and depression and how to get help to manage these challenges in a healthy way. Most students dropout of school due to emotional or mental health reasons. 

How does my student access Suite360?

  • Log into Clever - - with your ASD username and password. 
  • Instructions How to Log into Clever
  • Click the Suite360 Icon, this will open and display the learning platform dashboard.

How long do Suite360 lessons take?

  • Grade K-5 teachers will host a 30-minute session to review and discuss the weekly lesson
  • Grade 6-12 students can do weekly lessons asynchronously
  • If students/families are unable to attend the session, they can complete the lesson asynchronously
  • Lessons take 15 minutes to complete if done asynchronously

Why Suite360?

  • Suite360 used 20 years of research to design a program to help children build social and emotional learning skills.
  • Suite360 offers short weekly lessons to help students develop skills to:
    • Understand and manage emotions
    • Set and reach positive goals
    • Have and show empathy toward others
    • Build and maintain positive relationships
    • Make responsible choices
  • Each lesson is an engaging multimedia learning experience with instruction, practiced activities, and discussion.  

What do I do if I need help?

  • The best way to reach your teacher is via their ASD email. You should contact your teacher if:
    • You have questions on courses or assignments
    • You're experiencing a hardship
    • The course content is difficult to understand
    • You need additional support
  • For technical issues or general questions:

Where can I find additional info?