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Recording of Zoom Lessons

Dear Trailside Parents;
In order to ensure that direct instruction lessons are recorded and accessible for your student outside the scheduled time, I wanted to let you know that the district has come up with guidance to be shared out with all families that are in face to face/blended learning that began today. 
To accommodate and provide the ability to watch the lesson at a later time, teachers may be recording live zoom lessons as they are being taught so you and your child can use them as a reference later.  The portion that will be recorded is the direct instruction with the teacher leading the discussion.  Your child is not required to have video on at this time, but please know if they do have an image displayed it will only be used for asynchronous teaching and access within that Canvas page.  The video will not be shared out to the community or be a public view.  Once students move into their work time recording will not be taking place.  The recorded lesson can include the instruction, the students asking questions, and the classroom communication between teacher and student as related to the lesson.  
Lessons will or may be recorded for later access by students enrolled in the course. Students are not required to display their live image through the video function. Cameras capture not only the student but also background content within the camera’s frame. 
You will find the same guidance when your child enters the zoom session as well as on the teacher's Canvas pages.  
Please let me know if you have any questions.  
Heather Jones, Principal
Trailside Elementary School
5151 Abbott Road

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