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Turnagain Earthquake Update #tigertough

Good evening Turnagain Families,

It is with happiness that I tell you that our school is "Green." That means the Operations team, Capital Planning, Maintenance, and Structural Engineers have deemed Turnagain as structurally OK with no physical hazards. We have gas, heat, plumbing, and electricity up and running correctly. The fire alarms are functioning. However, all this does not mean we are mission ready. We are not quite ready for providing a quality education to students yet. We have lots to do. We've got cleaning and inventory, technology checks, planning, etc.

Our goal is to restart school and be education ready for when students come back to school on Monday, December 10th. I know there are many questions. ASD has been amazing through all of this. Please go to the Earthquake Update page at the ASD website: for a plethora of important information.

I know you are willing and ready to help. Thank you for that. If we do need help, we will not be ready for volunteers until Thursday, 12/6. Staff will not be allowed back into the building until Wednesday, 12/5 (unless retrieving personal items.) 

If you need to retrieve any ESSENTIAL items your child left at school you may come to the school anytime between 1:00 and 3:00PM TOMORROW, 12/4. Again, these items are only essential needs, not homework. If you missed this timeframe to come in or have any questions, please contact me.  

Thank you for your support during this time. We appreciate all of you and we care deeply for our Turnagain Tigers.


Helena Batman


Turnagain Elementary