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Online Registration for Returning ASD Students and Online Pre-enrollment for New Students is Now Open. For more information, click here.

Returning Students are:

  • Currently enrolled students who intend to return next year
  • Students changing divisions - Elementary to Middle, Middle to High
  • Students who have moved from one ASD zone to another ASD zone (you will need to provide proof of residency to your new school)
  • Incoming Kindergarteners who attended an Anchorage School District preschool program

Returning students can be registered through Q/ParentConnection for the 2021-22 school from April 26-January 15th, 2022
* The Online Registration System works best in Chrome/Firefox/Safari browsers.

Register Now here.

Pease remember, if your child is a preschooler this year, or new to ASD, you will need to Pre-Enroll online after July 1st through this link here.

Parents can register returning students online to save time, but middle and high school students will still have an opportunity to visit their school to pick up class schedules, locker combinations and parking permits, and to get ID photos taken. If you have questions about online registration, please contact your child’s school.

Families need to wait until August to apply for Free and Reduced Lunch for the full 2021-22 school year.

Have you moved? Will your children be attending a different school? You may register online, but please notify your new school.  You will need to provide proof of residency to your new school.