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Student Success: Promise of Anchorage

SAVE High School students Nanesha Johnson and Josh Paine recently told ASD what it means to be the Success of Anchorage. Nominated by their math teacher Jessie Salway, Nanesha and Josh are an inspiration to their peers.


Nanesha Johnson

"I am the success of Anchorage because I was inspired to learn to ask for help. I did this with the support of my family, friends, and teachers.”

-Nanesha Johnson,
SAVE High School


Josh Paine

“I am the success of Anchorage because …

I took it upon myself to make a positive change toward my future and take every opportunity presented to me. That is why I transferred from a traditional high school to somewhere I can put all my efforts into my vocational skills.”

-Josh Paine, 
SAVE High School

Jessie Salway “I believe in the success of our students because I hear them talk every day about the adversity they face. Their struggles happen at school, at home, and at work. Yet, despite these daily struggles, which many of them have been coping with for their entire lives, they get up every day, come to school to learn and improve themselves. Their tenacity allows them to rise above and succeed.”

-Jessie Salway,
SAVE High School


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