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Suggested Summer Activities

Mondays in the Park

5/24: Chanshtnu Muldoon Park, 1301 Muldoon Road

5/31: Creekside Park, 7122 E 6th Ave

6/01: Russian Jack Springs Park North, 801 Pine Street

6/07: Tiklisha Park, 3018 E 20th Ave

6/14: Dave Rose Park, 201 Lane St

6/21: Cuddy Family Midtown Park, 201 E 40th Ave

6/28: Delaney Park, W 9th Ave

7/05: Dave Rose Park, 3681 MacInnes St

7/12: Elderberry Park, 1297 W 5th Ave

7/19: Valley of the Moon Park, 610 W 17th Ave

7/26: Pirate park at Sunflower, 4025 Bullard Ave

8/02: Fairview Lions Park, 1201 E 8th Ave

8/09: Mt View Lions Park, 501 N Pine St

8/16: Cheney Lake Park, 2245 Baxter Rd

Tuesdays on the Trail

5/25: Elderberry Park to Westchester, 2.3 miles

6/01: Campbell Airstrip Loop, 3 miles

6/08: Earthquake Park, 5.1 miles

6/15: Potter Marsh Trail, 1.0 mile

6/22: Spencer's Loop Trail, 5.5 miles

6/29: Tour of Anchorage Trail, 2.9 miles

7/06: University Lake Loop, 1.7 miles

7/13: Tony Knowles Coastal Trail, 19.7 miles

7/20: Abbot Loop, 1.6 miles

7/27: Basher Park Loop, 4.4 miles

8/03: Blueberry Loop, 1.5 miles

8/10: Goose Lake Trail, 1.3 miles

Working Wednesdays

Are you keeping your math skills strong? Log onto your iReady Math account, Use your ALEKS account, or go to Khan Academy for tons of great programs

Make sure you are reading 20-30 minutes every day and on Wednesdays add time to write, too! Keep a journal or start a blog!

Thrifty Thursdays

Go to the Public Library! Anchorage Public Library

Google search "Little Free Library" and find the one closest to you!

Visit the Alaska Public Lands Visitor Center in downtown Anchorage

Each summer, the Anchorage Museum hosts Lunch on the Lawn from 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. featuring live music, outdoor science labs and other family-friendly activities. Bring your own lunch or order food from several local food trucks!

Go Geocaching: Treasure hunting is alive and well with geocaching. Use your GPS or smartphone to find fun clues left by visitors and locals before you, then add your own clues to the adventure. The Anchorage Log Cabin Information Center offers a geocaching guide.