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Submit Photos and purchase your 2022-2023 Yearbook!

purchase your steller 2022-2023 yearbook today
Currently, Yearbook is accepting photo submissions! We are always looking for pictures of our Steller community, or our Steller students doing stellar things! Show off your latest hobby, or sweet new ride by submitting your photos today!

Submit Photos to Steller Yearbook


You can pre-order your Steller 2022-2023 yearbook today! The lowest cost of the package is $55.00 (plus a service fee!) and it will be shipped to Steller Secondary for your child to pick up toward the end of the year. Don't wait! This deal will end in January and the price will go higher! And after that, the last day to purchase your Steller 2022-2023 yearbook will be in February!

Pre-Order the Steller Yearbook!


Got questions about the Steller Yearbook? Email them at