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Adjusted Schedules for Snow Days

Hello Steller Community,

I have to admit I was not happy when I saw flurries last night and I am sure many of you can relate.   I am emailing you regarding the snow day make-up plan for Steller.   Alaska Statue 14.03.030 (2) requires Alaska Schools to have 180 instructional days, and that means we have 5 snow days we must make-up under state law.  In order to not extend the school year calendar and still be compliant our School District and the State of Alaska have agreed to the following plan (which Steller must follow):

  • January 30th to March 9th: 30 minutes will be added during the instructional day ending classes 30 minutes later for Steller at 2:35 pm (Restores 3 days of instruction).

  • February 22nd and 23rd: Full instructional days in lieu half days for the scheduled parent-teacher conferences (Restores 1 days of instruction). 

  • February 24th: Full instructional day in lieu of the professional development day (Restores 1 day of instruction).

Remote learning will play a central role in the District’s inclement weather strategy if we have more snow/ice days in the future.

Things to note:

  • All bus route drop off times will be 30 minutes later at the end of the day.  This doesn't affect Steller directly, but it is important to know for families that have other non-Steller students riding the school buses.

  • The 30 minutes added to the instructional day will mean changes to our Steller schedule.  See new schedule below. This may impact planning for things like doctor's appointment, pick up, students that ride the People Mover, etc.

  • King Tech's schedule will also be different. They are adding 15 minutes to both the first and second sessions.  King Tech students, please work with our counselor should you have any issues.

  • For after-school activities, the District is working with rental facilities and officials to adjust scheduled activities, competitions, and practices so that everything is 30 minutes later.

  • There are some community organizations that are also making adjustments to their schedules.  Please contact them directly for specifics.

Op Group has been notified of the changes and we will be sharing this information in more detail during Advisory on Monday, January 23.  We will have the new schedule posted throughout the school and have handouts so students and families are aware of the changes.  Thank you all for your understanding as we navigate the snow day make-up from Snowpocalypse 2022.  Hope everyone has a fun, restful weekend.