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Updates from the Principal

Dear Begich Parents,

Thank you for your patience as ASD works through the challenges presented by the COVID-19 pandemic.  Tomorrow we will launch online learning in language arts and math. Attached are several documents to help you and your student(s) get started.  Watch for invitations later today from your teachers for the orientation sessions taking place tomorrow and Wednesday. I know many of you are waiting for assistance with technology, so I want to assure you that all online courses are self-paced, so your students can start at any time and move ahead when they are ready.  In the weeks to follow, we will be adding coursework in social studies, science, and eventually elective classes.  

Online learning will be new to most of our students and many of our teachers.  For this reason, we ask everyone for empathy and grace as we adapt to this new learning environment.  Please do what you can to provide your students with quiet places to work, and be mindful that there will be times when they will be communicating with their teachers in real time, so help them behave appropriately while they are interacting online with their peers and educators.  

Because we know that our students don’t all have equitable access to technology, none of our online classes will be graded or be posted to transcripts this quarter.  In a way, this is an opportunity to experience learning in its purest form, for its own sake. Please encourage your students to strive to do their best; the skills they master now will be transferable to next year and beyond, and the study habits they develop will impact their future success in education.  Your teachers will still be providing regular feedback and communication about your student’s progress.

If you need to borrow a laptop and/or a hotspot, watch your e-mail for updates on when you will be able to pick these items up.  ASD is prioritizing getting our high school students, especially our seniors what they need first, so our opportunity will be coming soon.

On behalf of all the staff at Begich Middle School, I hope you and your family  are staying active and healthy


Brendan Wilson,

Principal, Begich Middle School  

 Best-Practices-for-Parents.pdf (84.9 KB)
 DigitalLearning.ParentLetter.3.30.2020.pdf (489.4 KB)
 ZOOM-student-etiquette.pdf (120.0 KB)