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January 25, 2016 | KTVA Teacher of the Week: Cari Olsen-Crowther

Cari Olsen-Crowther teaches sixth grade science at Clark Middle School.


“I love sixth graders,” she said with a big smile. “I just love it, it’s such a great age group.”


While teaching her students about the Pacific Ring of Fire, she also quizzed them on volcano vocabulary and said her goal is to teach techniques for note-taking and ways to remember the information.


“I don’t just teach science,” Olsen-Crowther said. “I’m teaching them note-taking skills, I’m teaching them different vocabulary, how to break that vocabulary apart; how to remember those pieces.”


Mrs. Olsen-Crowther is more than just a teacher to her students too; they said she’s someone they can trust.


“She feels like another mom to us,” Selena Tanuvasa, a sixth grader at Clark Middle School.  Tanuvasa was one of the students who nominated Mrs. Olsen-Crowther as KTVA 11′s Teacher of the Week. “I just want some of the other kids who are in elementary to come to her class and see what I experience in her class.”