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HMS Transportation Plan Update 2

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Hanshew Middle School Transportation Plan Update 2

September 9, 2022

Hello Hanshew Families,We are preparing for our 4th week of school and transportation delays. Thank you so much for being patient and understanding as we continue to work out the minor traffic issues. Though our plan seems to be going smoothly thus far, we will continue to evaluate it and make changes as needed. As a reminder, Cohort 2 will begin on Monday, September 12th which will reinstate bus numbers 63, 64, 65, 66, 67, 68, 69, 70, NO BUS # 71 (211), 72, 73, 74 until September 30, 2022.  If you are unsure about your student’s bus routes, please check Parent Connect in Q to view your student’s bus route and number, cohort with dates of service, and/or contact us at (907) 742-9930 or 742-Help if you have any questions.Gas CardsAn adult must pick up and sign for a $50 gas card during the 3 weeks that your student is impacted by the lack of bus service. Parents are allowed 1 card for each three week period with no bussing. Please come to the front office from 7:00am-3:30pm to pick it up.Transportation PlanWe have devised a plan for a better and more systematic traffic pattern. If you are driving your student to/from school please review and follow this traffic pattern map. This will help to avoid accidents with students who are walking to school, staff driving to work, and buses dropping off students.Student Arrival/DismissalStudents will be able to arrive at school as early as 7:15am. Students will be able to remain at school as late as 3:30pm and until 4:30pm if they are in a sport or activity after school.Drop Off ProceduresParents can only enter the South Entrance (at the traffic light) Hanshew Middle School for drop off. Once on Hanshew Middle School traffic will split into two lanes for easier drop off. Students should be ready to exit the vehicle when in the drop off zone. Staff members will be outside to supervise arrival and departures. * Cones will be blocking the North Entrance to allow for buses and staff arrival.* A staff member will be at the North Entrance to move cones to allow buses and staff to proceed to the parking and bus drop off area. Staff will have placards in their vehicles as identification. * Two staff members will be stationed at the stop sign in the parking lot to stop cars and allow buses to arrive and depart. They will keep traffic moving when no buses or staff are arriving.* Parents will exit at the North Entrance onto Lake Otis Parkway and are limited to Right Turns Only.Pick Up ProcedureParents will only enter the South Entrance (at the traffic light) Hanshew Middle School and split into two lines for pick up. Once students are picked up, cars will exit onto Lake Otis Parkway making a Right Turn Only.Thank you for your patience, understanding, and flexibility as we work to resolve the transportation issue.Dr. Lakhita Hodge and Ms. Kelly ByersHanshew Middle School Administrators