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Community in the Schools Month and Alternate Conferences

Dear Mears Parents and Guardians,

As you may have heard, February is Community in the Schools Month in the Anchorage School District.  Parents and community members are invited to come into our schools on any Tuesday of the month at 9:30AM.  At Mears, our administration and counselors welcome our guests into the school and answer any questions they may have. Following this brief welcome, Mears students lead tours around our school to afford our guests a small taste of the environment and different courses that are offer here at Mears.  Current parents are welcome as well, and we encourage all of you to let your friends and neighbors know that they are welcome as well.

In addition, with the loss of spring conferences due to the earthquake and resulting calendar change, Mears will be inviting our parents and guardians to visit with our teachers during their planning times on two different occasions: Tuesday, February 12th, or Tuesday, February 26th. I have attached the current planning times of our teachers in case you want to visit with one of them during their time without students.  We would also ask that you email the particular teacher(s) you would like to see, so they are aware of how many folks will be visiting with them.  We ask that you keep your conversations brief, but do know that an additional meeting time may be set up if needed.

We are proud of our school, and we would love to see many visitors during the month of February. We also want to make sure that we meet the needs of our parents in giving everyone who is interested some time to discuss their individual student.

Thanks for supporting Mears, and we hope to see you in February!



Michael S. Perkins - Principal