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MINDSET Classes For Everyone

Mears Families,

During these challenging times, it is so important that we strive to foster a healthy outlook and mindset.  In an effort to promote stronger community connections, interpersonal skills, and self-awareness, Ms. Sally Pak, Mears Language Arts teacher, will lead sessions in a series of MINDSET Education classes on Thursdays, at 2:00pm.

Students, parents, family members, teachers, and staff are all invited to attend.  


A Message from Ms. Pak:

Make the most of your youth with the safety device of life: Self-Control Owning the brake pedal means you control the way the car moves and how fast it goes. The same way, the ability to control yourself will give you structure when pursuing bigger, greater things in life. In order to do the things you want, you must nurture your ability for self-control. In other words, you must hold back from what you want to do, and do the things you don’t want to do. That kind of training to discipline the heart is absolutely necessary. Please join Ms. Pak on the topic of Exchange May 21st, Thursday at 2PM.


The sessions will be held on Zoom, the invitation links will be emailed to Mears during the week. You may also contact Ms. Pak or Mr. Backman at the following email addresses to receive the Zoom invitation.