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Bag & Backpack Free Hallways starts Jan. 3rd

Mears Families:

With the return to two-way hallways and full locker use, the administration has decided to eliminate the use of bags and backpacks of any kind in the hallways starting January 3rd.

We’ve made this decision for three reasons:

  1.  Safety:  We recognize that a school without bags backpacks in the hallways is inherently safer because items are visible to staff at all times .
  2. Clarity:  Despite our best efforts to define appropriately-sized bags and backpacks this quarter, students continue to have a hard time distinguishing; by eliminating backpacks we’re able to ensure a crystal-clear message and prevent behavioral infractions related to bag/backpack use.
  3. Opportunity:  Now students have the opportunity to fully employ their lockers, making backpack use unnecessary.

In short, we’re convinced that keeping our hallways bag and backpack free starting January 3rd will result in many benefits for our students.

 If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to email me.



Mike Scott

Mears AP