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Alaska Native & American Indian Heritage Month Resources and Events

Happy Alaska Native and American Indian Heritage Month!
November is referred to American Indian and Alaska Native Heritage Month. The month is a time to celebrate diverse cultures and traditions! 
The resources below showcase a few of the many cultures and traditions practiced here in Alaska and elsewhere in the United States.
Below is a link to AWESOME short Alaskan videos from PBS Indie Alaska:
Link to American Heritage Month PBS Resources:
Link to Pamyua who is a band from Alaska, and they also do other things in the community:
Link about the land acknowledgement from the Anchorage Museum:
Upcoming events at Mears: 
Please check out the attached flyers for Rock Your Mocs National Day on 11-15 where you wear moccasins AND day of celebration with Quannah Chasinghorse on 11-11 from 12-5pm at the Alaska Native Heritage Center! 
Day of Celebration with Quannah Chasinghorse at the Alaska Native Center on Nov 11 12-5pm
If you do not have moccasins, but would like to show your awareness and support, then please stop by the library on 11-14 or 11-15 to get a turquoise ribbon.
Thank you and Enjoy Your Day!
Benita Holt Student Support SpecialistTitle VI/Indigenous EducationMears Middle School