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Fundraiser on February 17th! All funds go to the Costa Rica Student Trip




Clean out your closets, your garage, your storage shed!

Let us help you tidy up. Any items you wish to donate can be brought into room 116 or room 124 before or after school.


  • We prefer to receive items contained in bags or boxes.

  • We are limiting the size of items to things that can be carried by your middle schoolers = small furniture items are fine, but please leave mattresses and couch sized items at home.

  • Please limit donations to items in working order and in good enough shape to still be usable.

  • The only books being accepted are childrens’ picture books.

  • If you are donating an item running on battery power, please check that the batteries haven’t burst before donating it.


Feel free to invite donations from family, friends, and neighbors - we really appreciate the help to present a fun and rewarding selection of items at the sale on Saturday February 17th!


The Mears Costa Rica Trip students are organizing and running this event to defray their travel costs; all proceeds will go towards that purpose. Unsold items will be donated locally.