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Swim! Bike! Run! It's time to register for the Romig Triathlon!


May 10, 2019

250 yd swim West High Pool

5 mile bike out past Lyn Ary Park

2.3 mile run around Westchester Lagoon

Download Registration Forms Here:
Swim Waiver
Individual Triathlon Registration Form

The triathlon is sponsored by the Romig PE Department.
Thanks to the Gold Nugget Tri Board for their generous donations!

Triathlon Instructions

Bib numbers will be given out in the MPR the day of the triathlon.   All participants MUST check in after school in the Romig GYM by 3:00pm on the day of the triathlon.   Swimmers will have their numbers written on their arms and calf at lunch during the day or in the GYM afterschool.

** All swimmers will be walked over to the West High Pool from the Romig GYM around 3:15 **

Individual Triathletes:

  1. Check your bike into the bike staging area (in the West High Parking lot) in numerical order before going to the pool.
  2. Check in at the pool and wait in numerical order for your turn to swim. (5 laps – 250 yards)
  3. Exit the pool, transition in the locker room and safely run to the bike staging area staying on the sidewalk.
  4. (BIKE - 5 miles) Find your bike staged in numerical order. You must wear a helmet as you race!
  5. Ride west on Hillcrest in the bike lane on the right side of the street; turn right down Forest Park to the bike trail.  Be sure to stay on the right side of the road and watch for traffic on the way down the hill!  Be careful turning left onto the coastal trail at the bridge.  Parents/teachers will be posted along the way to direct you.  Ride on the right side of the bike trail past Lynn Ary Park, to the two benches before Earthquake Park Hill.  There will be an adult at the turn-around with a sign.  Go around the turn-around, and head back the way you came, staying on the right side of the trail the entire way.  When you get to the top of Forest Park, stay on the right as you cross the street.  Ride on the right side of the street in the bike lane on Hillcrest back to the transition area in West High parking lot.
  6. Leave bike and helmet on handlers and run around Westchester Lagoon counter-clockwise. 
  7. (RUN -- 1.75 miles) Finished!

The transition time is included in the overall time.  You may leave your helmet on your bike and put it on when you reach your bike, or you may leave it in the locker room with whatever clothes you are putting on, and put on before you reach your bike. 

Team Triathletes: 

  1. Swimmer– report to the pool in numerical order.  When finished with the 5 laps, you will tag the biker outside the West High pool.
  2. Biker – check your bike into the staging area (West High parking lot) and wait outside the pool doors to get tagged by your swimmer. Run to your bike and follow the same bike route as the individual triathletes.
  3. Runner – run counter clockwise around Westchester Lagoon.

Good luck, be safe, and have fun!  Please remember we are sharing the coastal trail.