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Mark Your Calendars! Cake Auction is February 27th

cake auction flier


The Romig Cake Auction is an event to celebrate our middle school musicians and raise funds to continue the outstanding music programs at Romig. Over half of Romig’s diverse student body participates in our music programs - that’s around 375 children in 7th and 8th grades.


Some of the students are already accomplished musicians while others are just beginners, but they all work together to create wonderful music, new friendships, and new ways of learning. Research has found that learning music facilitates learning other subjects and enhances skills that children inevitably use in other areas.


On the evening of the Cake Auction (February 27th in 2020) all the music students, dressed in their black and white performance outfits, and their families will squeeze into Romig’s gym for a lively music performance and auction. Two beloved Romig teachers serve as auctioneers and - in between musical numbers by the band, orchestra, and choir - auction off elaborate cakes made by Romig families or donated by local bakers. But the audience is not just bidding on delicious cakes; they are also bidding for a variety of goods and services donated by generous local businesses and Romig families. The bidding can get spirited when popular items are up for bid!


Two highlights of the night are when the band, orchestra and choir perform a piece together (it’s moving to see and hear the students in harmony!) and when, in the grand finale, a lucky bidder gets the coveted chance to throw a pie in a teacher’s face!


The funds we raise at the Cake Auction - from the live auction as well as a silent auction, bake sale, and heads and tails game - help us purchase sheet music, buy and repair instruments, purchase and maintain sound and stage equipment essential for community performances, and provide scholarships for music competitions and events. In 2019 we raised over $20,000. It is only because of this fundraising, and the generosity of our community, that Romig’s outstanding music program stays alive in our school. We extend our heartfelt thanks to the families, businesses, and bakers that make the Romig Cake Auction a success!


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