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ExploraVision Winners!

Congratulations ExploraVision winners!

collage with pictures of four exploravision winners

This year, 85 of Mrs. Bascom's Determination Academy eighth-graders entered ExploraVision, the largest STEM competition in the United States. Working in teams, they designed technology for 20 years into the future. Students researched and wrote an 11-page paper and designed websites showcasing their inventions.  
The results are in, and they did fantastically! Romig set a record for the most honorable mention winners in a single school in the history of the competition, and one team won for the entire Western Region! The team of Nicky Widdis, Mariah Block, Ella Johanknecht, and Heike Fischbach won a laptop, a plaque, echo dots, and the chance to go on to Nationals. Their future technology is a genetically engineered organism that cleans up nuclear waste sites. 
The first prize for each age group at Nationals is a $10,000 savings bond per participant, as well as an all-expense paid trip to DC for the awards. Second place is $5000 and the trip. Wish them luck in the last round of judging, and congratulations to all of our winners.

2020 Honorable Mention Winners:

Adler Eyes: Drew Smith, Henry Hase, Sam Porter, Vien Shin
Burning Our Way to the Future:  Sebastian Miller, Noah Bemben
CO2 Renewal Chamber:  Meredith Duhrsen, Ruth Green, Kiana Feldis
CRISPR-Cas-X: Marc Snelling, Sayeed Mahmood, Max Dosik
Currus Magneticus 6:  Forrest Rodgers, Finley Bold, Trenten Calugan, Cameron Sonneborn
Dexamethasone Nano-Injectors: Aaron (AJ) Tanner, Samuel Vartan, Bjorn Skinner-Reed, Garrett Heath
OGEMDD: Ari Fleck, Edwing Matos, Jersey Graham
Parva: Vaishnavi Gornale, Iris Ostman, Madeleine Cannon
Premier PDT: Jack Beltzer, Elijah McLellan, Nicholas Schnell, Nolan Thibodeau
SEABA Drones: Piper Ogilvie, Dalin Lena, Rania White
Solar Wind Collection: Ruben Rhodes, Raman Marti, Wesley Beck, Jake Worthington
Stable Basal: Kathryn Unger, Madeline McCowan, Fiona Witty-Daughtery, Stella Woodward 
Synthetic Growth Medium:  Errol Greenhalgh-Adam, Elijah Hase, Matthias Kerschbaum, Evan Fitzgerald
The Kerberos Nuclear Fusion Engine: Jonathan Moore, Alex Fretello, Alessandra Lucero
The Hydroglide: Riley Conti, Laya Fedele, Hodaka Madea
The Sleep No More​: Suleyman Guliyev, Karsten Mock, Kyler Mock, and one additional teammate