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Spirit Week Photos

Mythical Monday - Dress like anything mythical or magical. Think unicorns, griffins, famous mythological figures, Dungeons & Dragons.
Teddy Bear Tuesday - To celebrate the end of Fat Bear Week, bring your teddy bear or dress like a bear.
Working Wednesday - Take a picture of your serious asynchronous work space/time and send it to your teachers. Maybe you're rocking it formal office style on your day on your own or maybe you're low key and relaxing.
Time Travel Thursday - Pick a decade and dress it!
Fandom Friday - Dress to support whatever you're obsessed with - sport, movie, book, game, manga... wherever your fandom lies.
collage of myth monday spirit week photos  mythic monday photo collage  teddy bear tuesday photo collage  
Working Wednesday spirt day collage photo collage of time travel spirit day photos  fandom Friday photo collage