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Monday PLC Schedule/Information

Every Monday Bartlett hosts PLC (Professional Learning Community) for the teachers between 1:15 and 2:00.  Students are released from class, and have various areas withing Bartlett to report to for the remainder of the day.  School buses run at the regular time on these days, departing Bartlett at 2:07 pm.  Sophomore, Junior and Senior students may leave campus during PLC, but if they plan on riding the bus, they must return before 2:00, entering the building by the Student Parking lot.  Freshman are not allowed to leave campus, unless it has been prearranged by the parent/guardian.  If your student elects to remain at Bartlett, they must report to one of the designated areas, students will not be allowed to roam the halls.

Parents, if you want your student released, we encourage you to contact Bartlett early in the day to let us know.  The majority of the students who stay on campus go to the Gym area, and if you arrive after 1:15 and ask us to page your student, they will not be able to hear the page in the Gym.  We appreciate your assistance, and as always GO BEARS!!