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23/24 PE T-SHIRT FEES & CLASS FEES (Please click for more information)

$10.00 PE T-Shirt Fee For All Students Enrolled In A PE Class

The T-Shirt is required for all PE Classes. 

If your Bartlett student(s) is scheduled for a PE Class, they will need a PE T-Shirt.  These PE T-Shirts cost $10 per shirt.  Please log into your Parent Connect for the online payment option or you may come in to the AAFP Office to make an EXACT cash payment.  Office hours are 7:30am-1:30pm, Monday – Friday.  You may complete the purchase(s) right now.  Please note:  IF YOU HAVE multiple children, you will need to purchase a PE T-shirt using the separate individual students’ online record, to ensure the student record has been credited for the purchase.

The PE T-Shirts will be provided for your student(s) during their PE Class once school is in session.  Students will work with their PE Teacher to get the size they need, there is no need to come and pick up a PE T-Shirt. 

If you have any questions, please call Mrs. Crosby at 907-742-1862. 
Thank you and we are so excited to see our students back!!!  Here is to an AMAZING school year!

Mrs. Crosby
Bartlett High AAFP