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Graduation Regalia Notification

Dear ASD Graduate and Family,

The Anchorage School District is thrilled to announce that ASD graduates will now be able to adorn their customary graduation cap and gown with traditional objects of tribal regalia or recognized objects of cultural significance. ASD recognizes the importance of allowing students to celebrate their tribal identity or cultural heritage when participating in their high school graduation ceremonies. While students will not be able to replace their cap and gown, they will be able to attach something to or wear something with the customary graduation attire.

Students and families that are interested in adorning their graduation cap and gown, should please complete a notification form. We ask that you provide as much detail as possible regarding the items of adornment that are intended to be worn during the ceremony. The deadline for students to provide notification of regalia is May 1st. For more information, you can view the notification form here or by scanning the attached QR code.

Attached is an example of approved graduation regalia and a QR code.

If you have questions or concerns, please contact your school principal.

Thank you and congratulations to your graduate!

Anchorage School District

GraduationRegaliaASDStudent.PNG (782.1 KB)
Regalia-QR-code.png (4.8 KB)