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Starting in January 2022, students in grades 9-12 at the eight comprehensive high schools will complete school year 2022-23 course requests using Student Connect. This process will replace paper utilization and manual course entry by counselors, so more time can be allocated to working directly with students. 


Course request windows have been standardized across the eight comprehensive high schools and will remain open during the following dates: 

  • 01/25 - 02/04: Seniors 
  • 02/08 - 02/17: Juniors 
  • 02/23 - 03/03: Sophomores 
  • 03/15 - 03/25: Freshman 


Process for this year: 

  • Instead of completing a paper form, students will enter their course requests using computers via Student Connect, with guidance from school staff. 
  • Once students have entered course requests, parents/guardians can log into Q Parent Connect and view the selections. To view student course requests: 
    • Log into Q Parent Connect, then select the 2022-2023 track 
    • Click the (+) sign next to Requests, located on the left side of the screen 
    • Note: Parents will not have the ability to edit course selections, this must be done via Student Connection 
  • Students will be able to edit their selections until the end of their class’ course request window by logging into their Student Connect account. 
  • After the window has closed, please contact your school counselor for any changes. 


Please note: 

  • These are course requests, not a preview of student schedules: 
    • Final schedules in the fall may vary depending on credit status, enrollment, staffing and seat availability. 
    • Master schedules and course offerings will be finalized over the summer and schedules will be available in August during registration. 
  • Counselors are available in their offices to answer any questions that students or parents may have regarding course registration. 
  • If students do not wish to use the online process, they can work with their counselor one on one to select their classes 
    • Paper forms may still be available for students who are unable or do not want to use the online process. 
    • If a student misses the course request window, make-ups will be available. 
    • Parents/guardians will have the ability to view, but not edit their child's course requests via Parent Connect. 
    • Students will create King Tech course requests by selecting an AM or PM option and then discussing further details with a counselor. 
    • Course requests will not transfer in the event a student moves from one school to another; if transferring, a paper form/manual entry will be used.  Contact counselor for assistance. 
    • Course request changes as a result of zone exemptions and lottery will be handled as one-offs via paper forms (through the counselor).